Natural Anti-Inflammatory – Turmeric and Honey Tea

TurmericTeaActivities around the kitchen in our household has been reduced to a series of home remedies and warm winter soups, as both my daughters and my husband has been hit with a serious case of FLU in the past 2 weeks. As usual, being run down, working, nursing the sick and at the same time preparing for my very first long distance race of 45km coming up this weekend, I am now dealing with the initial phase of the usual symptoms. So, to make sure I kick this thing off as quickly as I can, I’ve prepared a pot of turmeric and honey tea to reduce inflammations in my body. I’ll be drinking this along with warm water for the rest of the day.
Many experts now see inflammation as arising from an immune system response that’s out of control. See this great article to learn more.

A great read I promise! It will help you understand how you can potentially avoid getting sick or being really sick this season.

Below is a quick simple recipe for the turmeric and honey tea.

1 tbls of turmeric powder (fresh is best but is ok if not)
1 tsp raw honey ( raw is best as it retains more antibacterial property)
Depending on how strong you can handle the tea, just mix boiling water in a teapot. At least 3 cups of water.

Remember to Stay healthy not only by eating healthily but also reduce stress during this winter season.


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