‘A Smoothie to Wake Up Your Senses and Boost Your Energy!’


Here’s one the smoothie recipe that both my husband and I have every morning.  We find that having a smoothie is the quickest way to get nutritious energising breakfast into our bodies.  All the seeds and protein in this drink will last us until lunch time without snacks as long as we continue to drink water in between.  See recipe below.


Most of the time, when we feel hungry during mid-morning, it could be due to several reasons

  • Habitual – our body crave for foods that are high in sugar, salt or behavioural
  • Dehydrated – just need to drink water and hunger will disappear
  • Didn’t have enough quality breakfast

So, before reaching for a snack, try having a drink of water when you feel a little hungry, and you’ll be surprise that most often, the hunger goes away.

‘Energising Smoothie Recipe’

1/4 cups of frozen mangoes
1/4 cups frozen blueberries
1/4 cups frozen pineapples
1 cup water or dairy free milk of choice
1 tbsp hemp seed protein powder
1 tbsp flax seed
1 tbsp chia seeds

Place all the ingredients in the order above into a blender. Blend it up and enjoy.


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