Natural Instincts – The way it used to be!


When you do something often, you’ll develop a natural instinct on how that ‘something’ should be or at least to your own liking.  This is very true when it comes to cooking.  I’ve been very fortunate to be surrounded by families and friends whom over the years have introduced me to amazing flavours from east to west.  If I ever ask them for a precise recipe, they often just shrugged their shoulders and said, “just come over and I’ll show you”.  The simple explanation for this is that often than not, it is very difficult to measure your own instincts into units of math.  All they could do is tell me the ingredients and depending on the portions, they would either throw a handful or a pinch of something, then finally stick their index finger into it do a taste test.  I love it! 

So, during this wonderful road trip I did with my family (husband, 6 and 4 year old girls), through state forests and national parks with nothing more than basic cooking utensils, a gas stove and a tent, I pretty much made meals and desserts using whatever I’ve brought.  On this special Saturday morning of April 26th, my little girl Gia turned 4 and unlike most of her friends who would celebrate their birthdays with balloons, cakes and entertainments, we were on our last day camping near the beautiful Lake Hume on the border of NSW and Victoria, Australia.  I had to get creative fast and decided on making her a scrumptious, yet still a healthy breakfast with her favourite – Chocolates.  


I remembered the first time I decided to make Gluten Free Crepes or Pancakes without realising that the world of Gluten Free have long discovered buckwheat flour to be used in pancakes mixture.  I for one thought I was very clever and experimented with the mixture using the following ingredients until I got the right texture. So, I can’t provide you with the exact measurements but I can at least tell you what’s in it. I trust that you’ve made enough pancakes to use your instinct to reach the right mixture.  C’mon, give it a go!


Chocolate Chips Buckwheat Crepes/Pancakes (Gluten Free)

(I ended up with 16 pancakes using a small fryinging pan… Ha! Ha! told you I have no idea)

Buckwheat flour
Rice or Almond Milk
Soda Water (optional to make it fluffy) 
Coconut oil for cooking
Chocolate chips ( optional use dairy free or even sugar free ones)

Mix these ingredients together starting with the flour and eggs (2 to 3).  Slowly pour liquid little bit at a time and stir until you reach the right texture for pancakes or Crepes. See tips below.  The soda water is great because it does the same as adding bi-carb soda powder (Hungarian uses soda water in their Crepes which I learned when I visited Budapest with my best friend Natali years ago).  Scoop 1 small ladle into pan coated with small amount of coconut oil.  Flip to the other side and place a handful of chocolate chips onto the whole surface or just half such that you can sandwich it (less messy for kids to eat with hands).  

Crepes style tips – mixture is more runny such that you can pick up your pan once you’ve put a scoop of mixture into it and tilt it around to spread it out thinly. Very easy.  With Crepes, mixture doesn’t need any raising agent, so you can omit bicarbonate or soda water.  The idea is you get a thin layer that you can roll or fold in half. 

Pancakes style tips – mixture is thicker and more like a cake mixture. Use bicarbonate or baking soda (or dash of soda water) to provide some fluffiness.  When place a scoop of mixture into pan, you’ll see some bubbles forming.  






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