Be Pantry Ready Series I – The Dessert Shopping List

I chose to do Desserts as my first Pantry Ready Series, because to be honest, desserts seem to attract more readers. HA! You know I’m right! For most part, desserts are what most of us get excited about and constantly looking for inspirations to satisfy our sweet tooth.   Hopefully, we can now just refer desserts as ‘pleasures’ and not as ‘guilty pleasures’.

So, for my first ‘Be Pantry Ready’ series (I plan to have several parts of the series covering breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner), I’ll list the ingredients that I believe, are healthy and a ‘should have’ in your pantry. On my next blog, I’ll attempt to describe its benefits base on my research and grow the list whenever I find the time to do so. I’ll also include pictures whenever I can below.  I’ve included information about where you can purchase these ingredients in Melbourne, Australia’s  surrounding Southeastern suburbs.  However, please feel free to email me ( or comment below of a location that you recommend to add to this page irregardless of where you are.  Eventually I would love to grow a glossary list of stores.

I really hope you will find this to be helpful and be more motivated on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

This is a list that I believe most heathy whole food recipes that are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Processed Sugar Free and Processed Oil Free require. Since you’ll be ‘pantry ready’ (on a rare occasion you may need a special ingredient), making healthy desserts will now be quicker and more frequent.


Storage/Dry/Long life Goods:

  • Almond Meal (either store-bought or homemade)
    Uses: breads, cupcakes, cookies, crumbles, muffins, tarts
    Where to buy: Woolworths, Sunny Brook Organics, Health Food stores, Homemade Recipe (see my blog)
  • Arrowroot Flour (sometime known as Tapioca starch or flour)
    Uses: adds the sticky/chewy texture in baking goods
    Where to buy: Coles, Woolworths, Sunny Brook Organics, Health Food Stores
  • Organic Coconut Flour
    Uses: cookies, cupcakes, muffins
    Where to buy: Costco, Woolworths, Sunny Brook Organics, Health Food Stores
  • Organic Buckwheat Flour
    Uses: cookies, pancakes, bread
    Where to buy: Coles, Sunny Brook Organics, Health Food Stores
  • Organic Brown Rice Flour
    Uses: shortbread, cookies, cakes, slices
    Where to buy: Sunny Brook Organics, Health Food Stores
  • Organic Besan Flour or Chickpea Flour
    Uses: occasional baking for added protein, you’ll be reading about a donut recipe that uses this later.
    Where to buy: Health Food stores and Mediterranean grocers, Indian grocers
  • Coconut Milk (full or light)
    Uses: replaces dairy milk and great for custards, brûlée, Asian desserts and many more.
    Where to buy: Coles, Woolworths (better choices for organic), health food stores, Asian grocers, most major supermarkets
  • Coconut Cream (full cream)
    Uses: replaces cream, ice dream, Asian desserts and many more
    Where to buy: Coles, Woolworths (better choices for organic), health food stores, Asian grocers, most major supermarkets
  • Organic Rice Milk (once open only last 4 days)
    Where to buy: Coles has the best price on Pureharvest brand which to me is the best brand and taste the best.  I also like Australian Own Oragnic brand.  I’ll make sure rice milk is always organic and non GMO.  Woolworths stocks organic brand including their own brand Macro.  health food stores have same and other brands but pricier.
  • Almond Milk (once open only last 4 days)
    Where to buy: many brands has Carrageenan as an ingredient, for now, just stay away from it.  I’ll explain later or you can google it yourself.  Otherwise, PureHarvest Organic and Australian Own Organic brands are my first choice depending which is on sale or available.  Both Coles and Woolworths stock these. Health food stores have them but pricier.
  • Prunes (unsweetened)
    Where to buy: Coles or Woolworths have Sunsweet brand prunes that are unsweetened. They are little chunks. Mist prunes are unsweetened and check the back under ingredients and make sure sugar is not listed.
  • Dried Dates (Medjool if possible)
    Where to buy: Costco have large bags at great prices (both regular and Medjool), major supermarkets, Mediterranean grocer.
  • Organic Coconut Oil
    Where to buy: Costco is the best value and great quality brand, Coles and Woolworths, Health food stores. Keep in mind that it is pricey but you don’t use much most of the time.
  • Sunflower Seeds
    Where to buy: Major supermarkets, Woolworths sells organic, Aldi (good value)
  • Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas)
    Where to buy: Major supermarkets, Woolworths sells organic, Aldi (sometime has it and pretty good value)
  • Organic Coconut Palm Sugar
    Where to buy: Unfortunately at this stage only at Health Food Stores, Sunny Brook Organics.  They coat around $15.00 per kg but again, you don’t use that much sugar so it will last you for a while.
  • Organic Rice Malt Syrup
    Where to buy: Coles and Woolworths have the Melrose brand at the best price,  Health Food Stores and Sunny Brook Organics have more selections but pricier.
  • Cinnamon
    Where to buy: Any major supermarket and Health Food stores
  • Vanilla Extract or Vanilla pod or paste (pricier option but worth it!)
    Whete to buy: Costco sells Vanilla pod that is great quality and price, Health Food stores sells both pod and sometime paste.  Otherwise, major supermarkets sells the Organic essence which intend to go for.
  • Sea Salt
    Where to buy: Costco has a few options, good quality can also be found at Health Food Stores, Major Supermarkets sell commercial sea salt and some sell good quality at higher prices.
  • Raw Cacao Powder
    Where to buy:  True quality Raw organic Cacao can really only be purchases at Health Food Stores.  Sunny Brooks Organics sells 1kg at about $30.00 which is the best value.  I wouldn’t recommend any major supermarkets brand as I haven’t seen the truly raw form being sold at any of those places.
  • Raw Cacao Nibs (optional)
    Where to buy: This is raw cacao in hard solid form.  It is mainly used for desserts and cooking as it is more concentrated.  You can only really get this at selected Health Food Stores and definitely Sunny Brooks Organics.
  • Flax seed meal (powder or ground form)
    Uses: great egg replacer, add to smoothies or shakes
    Where to buy: Coles, Woolworths, Health Food stores
  • Chia seeds ( black or white )
    Uses: add to smoothies, jams, sometimes egg replacer, bread, cakes
    Where to buy: Costco have the best value of 1kg for $20 which will normally be $30 everywhere else.  Coles, Woolworths and Health Food Stores will sell them at higher prices but smaller in quantity.

 Frozen/Cold/Short life/Fresh Goods  

  • Blueberries and Raspeberries (frozen or fresh)
    Where to buy: Costco by far has the best value (not organic) for frozen berries and cost about $7/1.8 kg bag. Aldi comes second for supermarkets, otherwise major supermarkets all have them. Health Food Stores stock Organics but pricey.
  • Eggs (if you’re not allergic to them and vegan)
  • Good quality butter (organic if possible) for the very few desserts that have dairy
    Where to buy: Aldi sells a ‘just organic’ brand butter, Coles and Woolworths have a spreadable butter from NZ that is pure cow’s milk without coloring or junk, Health Food stores
  • Banana (organic really do taste much better in my opinion) – I have this in stock all the time as this is gold for pre-run energy and great egg replacer in muffins and other baking goods.




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