“It is not about having the time, it is about making the time”


I love this saying for the simple fact that most of us these days are very time poor.  To make matters worse, there’s plenty of easy unhealthy food choices waiting for us to drive through and pick up.  So, to eat healthily and live healthily, you HAVE to make time for it. I hope to share with you some useful tips and recipes that I’ve found or adapted over the years through my own transformations.  Like most, I’m just as time poor, have driven myself  through fast food drive-thru and also skipped meals when I’ve been too busy to eat.  However, I’ve realised that if you’re organised and pantry ready, you’ll find that preparing healthy meals at home is just as easy as driving into a restaurant, sitting down and ordering the food.  So, please explore and join me in my blogging journey to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


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